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I'm Sara ★ 


I'm first generation Pakistani Muslim American

I grew up in the suburbs of Seattle surrounded by rain, some more rain, and some trees.


Growing up my two parents worked full time jobs in order to pay for my brother and sisters education.

From ages 8 and up I was left home alone for most the day and never really grew close to my family. And those times were kinda lonely.


Since there was always bad weather I would stay inside. The main things I would do to keep myself entertained was watch music videos and movies I liked.  I would take the characters I saw in shows and imagine their backstory and I'd imagine meeting them. This always helped me feel a little less lonely, I'd often make these character go through the same things I was going through in order to find relatability.


I did this for years and I found security in it. I would write my characters down and dreamed of one day showing others what I made. So for the past 8 years I've been saving up and recently bought a domain. I'm so proud about having website. And since then I've been working on a portfolio, editing video out movie scenes in order to visually show the story's that I've been saving.


Even if my story's never get attention or never see reality.

I want to help create story's that others can relate to or show any different point of view.


And I am willing to go anywhere in order to show these

I will learn anything and find anything in order show people that they are not alone, and their story is meant to be told.


I'm proud that my parents work so hard even if that meant I didn't get to see them much. And I'm grateful I took this experience of being lonely as a child to explore myself and use my imagination to create a world that could see me, the way I wanted to be seen.


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